With “You want to fuck?” you can’t win a flower pot and certainly not a woman! Nevertheless, many men reduce their first cover letter in a sex app to precisely this sentence. Rather, be charming and ask questions that may relate to the woman’s preferences guardain soulamtes.

Some men believe that they impress women with a picture of their best piece. We’ll tell you something: That’s not the case! And if this has been your preferred strategy when looking for an erotic adventure with a woman, put it aside.

Are you an excellent lover and like to bring women to orgasm? Great, but this information has no place in the first email either. Women prefer to convince themselves of the (bed) qualities of a man.

Some men deliberately use negative language to convince women of themselves. Sentences like “You are not my dream woman, but …” or “I am not the most beautiful …” are an absolute taboo. Conveying to women that they are not pretty enough or only second choice is truly the stupidest way to get a woman excited about an erotic sex adventure. It is just as ineffective to make yourself small as a man: At a one-night stand, women want a self-confident MAN with whom they can have sex and whom they don’t have to offer a therapy session first.

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