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Leadership fraud

Sep 15, 10 at 03:35
Leadership fraud
July 2009 air max bw XuZongHeng events for “punitive” become a central figure of the writer, in Beijing this morning, the intermediate court trial accused of fictional know national leadership fraud eight victims 351 yuan.”I don’t like the prosecution is unemployed, now I am writer, it is however, air max classic vice chairman of the federation of shaanxi province. The soldiers at the age of 60 in court said. July 2009, media reported “the writer XuZongHeng punitive soldiers. But in the former leader, digital focus on the writer children without the “documentary literature” and dignitaries, Anthony raised strong up to its historical story plot, fictional interviews, the former leader of the party, the interference image.The soldiers of the court, but is already white-haired voice calls. He attempted to deny charges that were not true, air shoes says the charges against. The soldiers admits the victim may receive money, “but it is not fraud, which have according to contract, some money is my money.” “You have said to help victims with post promotion, project examination and approval, buy cheap car?” The presiding judge asked. “Pure no!” The soldier answered firmly.
Display the file, nike requin used on April 26, 2006 was detained by criminal of shenzhen public security bureau, shenzhen, with the approval of procuratorate on June 1st, the arrest by shenzhen municipal public security bureau on September 30, compulsory measures for change of shenzhen procuratorate guarantor pending trial, 2009 on August 10th by the Beijing municipal public security bureau of criminal detention, arrest after.The second branch of Beijing public authorities charged allegations that procuratorate of the soldiers from 2004 to 2006, tn requin in fictional national or local leaders know that can handle position promotion, project examination and approval, buy cheap cars as bait, diddle zhou, work his way up 8 victim 150 million yuan. Now the soldiers seized on the car Benz brand jeep, froze the soldier’s name and each one set of villa.The tribunal investigating stage, in fact, narrative of the involved a victim, the presiding judge sarcasm and prosecutor repeatedly interrupt his speech. The soldiers in the courtroom, “he said after the meeting, some victims and other” always bothering me.” Mention lawsuit, between the two sides played for the soldiers, “a very bad quality evaluation of the victim. air rift The victim was cheated work his way up about the facts, the army suddenly raise a small voice: “so to them, I am… on high, and indifferent. The soldiers still “to describe the victim,” said pauper si of dance, the presiding judge chimed mallet, remind the method of army directly to answer nike air rift the question.
The defender in court, read the book in the army leaders interviewed list, and ask for the soldiers knew whether these people? “Good friends”, “of course”, the soldiers useful tone, between a care. Officials said the mayor of shenzhen, lok ma XuZongHeng, shox chaussures the soldiers sneer at 1: “too know! All Chinese know this thing.”The reporter understands, Beijing glitter residential science foundation was established in 2007, chairman of the foundation, and by leading real estate chamber national association. To resolve conflicts, safeguard social harmony and stability. Qingdao improved people’s mediation, judicial and administrative mediation mediation of cohesion “big mediation system”, will be the priority principle of mediation throughout the whole law enforcement agencies handling, christian louboutin sandals utmost ground to solve disputes at the grass-roots level and bud.At present, the city has established more than 1.3 million DiaoWeiHui levels in ZhouDaJie mediation, emerged as a representative of the room more than 7,000 an industry-wide or area-wide, professional and personal name characteristic of mediation, mediation of disputes regularly.

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