choo10: Grand Canyon Shoe Report

Grand Canyon Shoe Report

Sep 25, 10 at 03:18

Last week I had the opportunity to raft down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. We went with Hatch River Expeditions, who is a large contributor to the American Cancer Society. They were nothing but professional. I highly recommend them.

Three things became apparent as I went through my week. 1) I need to lose weight. 2) I need to hike more hill trails. 3) I needed different shoes. 2 and 3 can be remedied fairly quickly, number 1 will take some time.

Anyways, in getting ready I purchased a pair of Merrell Sirens because

I thought they would be able to handle the water, sand and hiking. I was wrong. The Velcro at the sides “let go” as I walked, which would then make the shoes loose. They did OK on established trails,

They filled jimmy choo
with sand and there was nowhere for the sand to go. After day 3 I had a blister at my outside ankle jimmy choo shoes
where the seam rubbed against my skin. On day 5 I had a blister on my second toe because I was gripping the shoe with my toes to keep them on. They shoes didn’t grip the rocks I had to scurry over, which meant slipping and sometimes falling in creeks or other sharp rocks. By day 7Balmain Shoes
I was ready to throw these shoes in the river and wear my Target flip flops. The only reason I didn’t is because I didn’t want to get into trouble with the National Parks people. (I AM going to put these shoes in their box and give them to Goodwill.)

These shoesLanvin Shoes
might be good for light camping activities, but they were not able to handle the hard work they were required to do on this trip. I am sorry I changed my mind because I thought they were cuter.

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