mjlove: Relentless rain

Relentless rain

Nov 11, 10 at 22:57
Relentless rain
The office 2010 night wind blowing violently, the pattering on the roof tiles blown crash chaos ring, the room lights are flickering look, it seems generally to exterminate all the time. Hu Tu Kang old man sat frowning on tightly, his dark eyes stared at one outside in the wind and the East West Ramp of the tree down, covered with a layer of blue yarn. Tongue licking his chapped lips, hand picked up the smoke in the kang monkey, rolled a cigarette volumes, sigh a sigh, paddled a match, the cigarette in his mouth flames on the front of the match, forced A thin suction his mouth an acrid milky taste of the smoke from his mouth spit it out slowly, then the smoke rose slowly, spread.
Hu breitling replica old man in the village contracted a total of 30 acres of fish ponds, years ago, 200 kilos of fish left, years later, more than ten thousand dollars to buy fish. Seeing also grew up and became a big fish fry, and fish ponds will be able to pay out immediately. However, this day has it started to rain. Straight down the days, evidently has not stopped meaning. Hu old man caught in the fingers of the cigarette smoke zigzag braved the fine, his thin lips tightly Min Zhao, waist and bend forward slightly to go to the window, he found out it began to rolex watch rain, knee, hand fiercely a slap on the beat, his face lifted high, a large pair of dark eyes reflecting the helplessness and sadness. He continued and cigarette butts on his mouth and puffed a little, more smoke from his mouth to take an out. Hu’s wife old man took his hand, fanned prime choking smoke, he spoke ramble. “Every day to know that smoking, you look at this day it began to rain, the water level in ponds in the more higher up, so go fish ponds fear is taken down. Hey! … …”
Hu breitling old man turned and shouted: “going to rain, the mother to remarry. What can I say! You know that nagging, you have the means, you’d like it!” Hu old man seems to want to vent all their grievances are the wife body. Su did not dare to spend some aggrieved silent, his hands gently wiped the tears of his eyes trace. Stand quietly next to the cabinet, both before and after rubbing the spotless TV. replica handbag This is the only thing they are expensive home appliances, is also a valuable element to spend top favorite objects. Without the rain, she finished the job manual labor, the most like the front of the TV, watching the TV inside the colorful world, feeling suddenly become full of life, but now she is in no mood to watch television, which destroyed rain-fed all her emotions. If this rain to continue, she can not think of the … …
Hu omega watches old man listening to the splash of the rain pattering out of the window can no longer sit still, turned around and saw his wife gloomy faces, the roar of the heart, just give birth to a glimmer of apology. He is still the cigarette to the ground, got up off their feet, after grinding, said: “I went to the pond to see, according to this rain to stop, then the next, ponds may support not for long. I found the afternoon to see Many big fish jumped out of the pond and landed on the edge of a small ditch, which would pop out of fish ponds is estimated that there will be, I think this time is losing money regardless of rain kept some, and said put on a raincoat would go out, but was grabbed prime flower … …
“His tiffany jewelry father a child, I see you are still not go, or in the rain and then go! Dark and slippery, and the heavy rain and then you have a slip … …. I think the rain, You’re sure to stop in and so on it! “Hu old man turned down his wife’s hand gently,” hey! contract ponds with kids to college a total of fifty thousand dollars by the child regardless of her, pointed to a good year, also on the pond in the money, hey ! who knows that even under a never-ending rain, and still go and see! dry waiting worried it! ”
louis vuitton wallets He reached the raincoat hat on his head, picked up the torch to open the door and went out. Then he turned again, say “- Oh, think of it, we can take home a piece of boat people to put it out? It as you will find out, be thrown off balance when used to see!” Then go to great strides , and Su-hua agreed to open mouth to cry, however, Hu old man had gone. She watched the door Hu tummy old man disappeared in the rain and fog in the figure, silently praying the rain quickly stopped it! However, her prayer is not efficacious, the rain stopped a little or no meaning. She was a little dismayed to turn back to the house wearing a raincoat, according to replica rolex watches Hu told the old man, then pressed to find piece of the boat in the barn. Greater rain, she was just a slip out of a reel, but fortunately escaped hold on the ledge before falling, given the fixed mind, shine a flashlight with bright, more careful to walk in the mud. Barn is not far away, she opened the door with a key, the rope lights near the door, she gave a hard pull. Flashing lights seem to be reluctant to issue only a few dim light. Low warehouse replica rolex roof the roof is not solid like a big house, into the storage room could clearly hear the rain on the roof, given the general sound like full steam ahead. Boat has been a long time useless, the son of the above pile full of books and exercise books used. Each son of the old stuff as she is still reluctant to think of his son, when she hid in here to touch these things. Some tears falling silently. . …..LP(☆_☆)

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