maikee: I lose my temper

I lose my temper

Nov 24, 10 at 18:41
When my colleague said, with his women’s boots spit splashing everywhere, that women are realistic; women don’t worry about life; women needn’t work under pressure; all women have to do were to marry a prosperous man…

I was really very angry at him, especially when he was just the college graduate several months ago. It was reasonable that he lacked social skills and work experience. However, what surprised me was that he bailey button boots was next to a bird in using the computer. Moreover, his behavior in daily work and life all showed me that he was definitely a silly guy-I was not familiar with him and had no interest to know more about him, but I said “life” here because he had always talked about his life saying so many girls so kind to him that he really didn’t know how to refuse them, and because he had steamed bread as his meals in the north face coat office and brewed up a big bottle of three bags of soya-bean milk at the same time.

Everyone can love other people, however, the way to show love is the most important. If a love cannot make each other feel safe, comfortable and inspiring, it is an unhealthy love which should die and cannot survive. We love just we want warmness and comfort. It’s the obligation that we should stand on cheap the north face each other’s point and try our best to give each other this kind of feeling.A true love is an unconditional love in which pay without thought of gain; a sincere love is a selfless love in which thinking about others rather than himself; a healthy love is a comfortable love which contain concern rather than interposition, communication rather than inquest, respect rather than interference, help rather than substitute, toleration the north face wholesale rather than nit-pick.

How could such a poor silly boy talk about women in such a subjective way! How many women had he ever met!I just wanted to keep my mouth and ears shut off against him.What am I doing now? Why is my life so tough? Why are discount north face jackets my friends struggling for their own house and car?Many women work better and earn more than men! Many women are single! Many women are independent!Women have the right to pursue excellent men, because excellent men are positive, self-confident and respect others, which should be the human. Women are moncler men’s realistic but that should be people’s attitude toward life.

I am not going to argue with men at all. I believe in the cause and moncler jackets outlet effect theory so I think I can understand all behavior of men and women. However, I reject absoluteness. That’s why I lost my temper.Sorry, I have always wanted to be rational, calm and gentle to everybody. I will try my best…Powered by HGF

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